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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2011 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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russia urges the palestinian bid for statehood to be given floor time of the un security council as washington threatens to use its veto power against the unilateral move. the u.s. is accused of pursuing its own interest in the muslim world during the arab spring spotted leaving israel out on a limb. an international team of dad inspectors sees progress and talks with greece while the i.m.f. warns the global economy is in a perilous state. its a.t.m. of the russian capital you're watching r t i'm marina joshie palestinians deserve
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a right to present their case for recognition in front of the un security council the spike u.s. threats to veto the move that's moscow's stand the statehood bid president abbas is preparing to introduce on friday. night has more from new york. issue that remains at center stage for those attending the united nations general assembly is the issue of the palestinian campaign for u.n. membership and statehood is something that the majority of the general assembly does support but it's something that the united states has been speaking out against that the u.s. has threatened to use its veto in the security council because no sides palestine or israel are ready to return to the negotiating table but foreign minister lavrov did say that it is within palestinians right to ask for u.n. membership and the united states should not get in the way of aspirations for any
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country because there were people nipple in the middle east quartet will not meet in the near future with beating with the u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has showed that big u.s. would not like to see the palestinian question raised at the u.n. we think that it would be preferable to sit to the negotiating table first but ready for it because there's no agreement between them we think that deprives the kind of standing and administration of the rights to the u.n. security council to speak arabic only extend to the good in them and it was just this time last year that u.s. president barack obama addressed big international body saying that when he comes back to the united nations in two thousand and eleven he hopes that palestine will be a member of the united nations and now called months later the u.s. is backpedaling and threatening to veto the aspirations of palestine also reports coming out that u.s. president barack obama will be meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas
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this was a meeting that was not scheduled up to this point of course that the u.s. so against the policy and bid for u.s. membership but if this meeting does take place who knows maybe this story will shift into a much different. and while the palestinians are campaigning for statehood at the u.n. some believe washington is using its economic influence to hold such efforts from going through there's no question that the obama administration and the democratic and republican party operating through congress is exerting a mensa pressure on the palestinian authority make me clear that the palestinian authority will be cut off will be deprived of the funds necessary to pay palestinian authority employees as has already happened much of that money was already in july this is pressure mounting on the palestinians to make them pull back from their right to go forward in the general assembly and ask for recognition
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of a palestinian state it's a lot of pressure on the palestinians but the palestinians are likewise pressured by their own people who have seen no remedy to the suffering that they suffered both in the west bank and gaza and the growing international support that makes the postilion see a new possibility at the u.n. for recognition of palestinian statehood. the aspirations of freedom have taken over the arab world giving birth to liberate of egypt and tunisia as well as pushing israel further into isolation tel aviv seems to be the worst affected by the changes encouraged by its closest ally and democracy advocate the us or he's now explains. democracy has a price the people of egypt have spoken. their voices have been heard and egypt will never be the same and the new egypt embraced as a positive example of change in the arab world by the west is not the only one paying what is the biggest. you know these to do in
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your time there was a bit of security but now there's this as you can see on the streets israel has also been left hanging a slow road to stability in neighboring egypt which through the massively unpopular israeli foreign policy makes a dangerous cocktail the case for change towards those this beautician was very slow so you had a lot of frustration on one side and then you had a lot of anger that. exacerbated after the killing of the five different soldiers on egyptian territory by israeli gunfire. taking up the situation even further the recent attack on the israeli embassy in cairo protesters threw stones and stormed the building as military police stood by and watched for hour worse three demonstrators were killed and over a thousand injured in the map of this show that this situation can get worse for israel not for us we're just starting to get stronger this is no the negative thing
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for us but a plus. the protesters who took down the israeli flag at the embassy in august was how tense egypt's new superhero flagman a wall was then built to protect the embassy but completely destroyed by protesters but. this was. remains are. behind our report card shows the movement is now being enforced here in egypt suffocating it's already freedom and in the region you want the strongest ally facing security threats as this new democracy is stuck in a spiral of certainty instability and sometimes chaos benjamin netanyahu called the incident a near disaster being referred it might have a lot more work to do to avoid catastrophe in the future is really should worry about look at what's happening in egypt two very important
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states in the area would choose to have a friendship with israel are at odds with israel and its number one friend seems to be having trouble keeping a balance when it comes to promoting arab democracy and protecting israel security it must occur to others at this point but certainly the americans are holding the end of the abuses and have all the cards up their sleeves so so i think that's something that must weigh heavily on israel because when it comes down to it the u.s. tends to protect something in the end the basic problem here i think with americans and with the western civilization can in general the way they're handling things is that it's become too much about interests not not really about humanity or about anything else it's really become about interests and and when interest is the main driver of things become messy and egypt could become a mess that israel will have to clean up these in our way are cheap cars.
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on the way of junkies dream is the reality in of get it stan find out why the nato coalition is ignoring the afghan drug industry which is claiming lives and actually helping fund the taliban. and international. team of dead inspectors has decided it will return to greece next week two chapters on the country's progress and reaching its budget goals athens hopes this will help win the release of the latest emergency loans we can stories once you convince the dead inspectors they could meet straight budget targets as a country desperately needs the next eight billion euro bailout package without the money the country could default within weeks however no decision will be made until told the eye math war in europe and the united states risk falling back into recession unless lawmakers act quickly also underscoring the region's difficulties was a credit rating downgrade of italy by standard and poor's financial analyst michael
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ross believes the constant downgrade are only putting pressure on the world economy . also to take into account that there is a kind of currency war going on. from the united states from the rating agencies here in europe i mean what does it really matter. psychologically it's really very very hard and in terms of currency war you have to see that one to feel the euro in order to keep the dollar at the end of the day this equation will not be true grove currencies will fail in my opinion because europe have more the same problem if you take a closer look most western countries there are all failing go all over the situation at the moment it is. a very big pressure so it doesn't have any of
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us if the i.m.f. says such things. economists michael pangle says the e.u. crisis will have far reaching consequences for the global economy. personally i mean a plus day i mean is anybody really believe that italy deserves an a rating their debt to g.d.p. is one hundred twenty percent and rising a significant number of european banks are insolvent the e.c.v. has to buy all of that sovereign debt and take it off their balance sheet that is the final answer greece will default and that means somebody has to take the pain and it's going to be either the banks or it's going to be this central bank creating inflation and then everybody suffers get ready for a protracted and significant increase in inflation both in europe in japan in ited states. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world first again and we're much long
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for a cease fire has come into effect in the capital of sana'a after three days of violence which killed sixty two people more than one hundred were taken to hospitals with wounds from gunfire and shelling the crackdown despite reports the country's vice president could sign an initiative arranging the transfer of power something protesters have been calling for for months. meanwhile in syria security forces have killed seven people on tuesday during raids near the capital and in homes province about twenty seven hundred have reportedly been killed across the country in six months of protests calling for the end of president bashar asad regime western countries have demanded an increase in pressure on i said to stop the crackdown by russia insists only peaceful dialogue can resolve the conflict. the u.s. state of georgia has them not a final appeal for clemency for a prisoner on death row on the eve of his execution for the nine hundred eighty
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nine murder of an off duty policeman no murder weapon was ever found and no d.n.a. evidence of fingerprints conclusively linking troy davis to the shooting most witnesses have also since changed their testimony and more than one million people worldwide have signed petitions for clemency amnesty international said georges discredited the justice system and will execute an innocent there davis is due to face there by lethal injection on wednesday. to mexico now work and have dumped the bodies of thirty five people on the roadway during rush hour in the gulf state of veracruz the victims were found in two trucks left near a shopping mall in a sea of balkan police identified seven of them and all have criminal backgrounds including extortion home inside and drug trafficking walking the rio has become a frequent side of clashes between armed groups as drug related violence grows.
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now sometimes our here on r t l the rush hour we travel to one place on earth were air pollution is afraid of the past and dealing with you is a delight. i'm going to sans mourning the death of its former president who was appointed to go shit or whether taliban or no the in rabani was killed by a suicide bomber home in the capital kabul on tuesday it's believed the explosives were hidden in the attackers turban rabbani had peace stark's working surgeons over the last year and was considered one of the most influential figures in the country killings the latest in a string of high profile assassinations in afghanistan and the second tower by a tap and parcel of we are he was the last channel to interview mr rabbani before his death and he blames the nato occupation of his country for the ongoing civil war which has claimed thousands of lives. and the. people of afghanistan do not
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want foreign troops to stay here and we don't want our nation's security to depend on a foreign military presence it's simply unacceptable however considering the critical security situation in our country the lack of stability in the continuing arms clashes were forced to tolerate the presence of nato but there would never have been a civil war in afghanistan and no problems with the telegram if we hadn't been invaded by foreign forces people in afghanistan had managed to live for centuries without such inflating. i go watch the full interview with mr a bonnie and. calm. weather a landless taliban stepping up its attacks across afghanistan a lot of their main sources of income is in full bloom the country's infamous drug trade kills thousands of users worldwide here while helping the insurgents combat the nato occupation but critics say the alliance has made a low effort to root out the deadly business during its ten year along campaign
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this can offer quartz from kabul. the penalty for drinking beer in kabul is sixty whips on the back publicly it is a very traditional muslim society or is it there are dozens of people if not more for human rights right there under this bridge in the center of the city with all the screaming and staring at them all in the same conditions we still rubbish been through him wait here where we're standing right now this is just incredible sikh arrow in all. it's all cooked mixed injected or small to right arm on these piles of rubbish or rotten meat and an indescribable room and not one policeman anywhere near but that's not all we were told these people don't just come here to do drugs many of them called pakistan and you know you can hear we don't have any jobs we
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don't have any kind of thing to do if you can't pay for the war or yeah i did run a hell of a study commissioned by the us state department shills each of gandhi family has at least one drug user all kids are now found in breast milk and all kids even newborns at morphine in their work there's no doubt that the area of contention some with narcotic crops has increased since religion hostilities started. i believe that the war was the root cause. force people to turn to poppy growing their own ninety percent of all the opiates in the world are produced in afghanistan interpol cleans the markets global treaty has long surpassed the five hundred billion dollar mark a russia is one of the worst affected state with around eighty tons of heroin thought to anyone resettle in the country like you it's absolutely tragic that despite the enormous resources nature has put into afghanistan including military force drug production is just phenomenal moreover the head of nato military
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committee admiral to power personally told me fighting drug production is not their goal there was no such directive and many experts find this a bit strange given the fact that a large part of the revenues from drug money is used to sponsor the taliban needles key enemy in the region meanwhile the international community spends billions of dollars to fight of yellowstone's drug traffic but since nato has no legal way to coordinate the funds are spent with very little positive results well officials say the multi-billion dollar afghan drug network has the whole world and its grip you've got this kind of orgy kabul afghanistan. and all of our stories where news and latest videos are available on our website and got com twenty four hours a day here's what we have online for you today the story is rather a tale that operates out of the u.s. border have been organizing parties for american officials and hire. a
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masterpiece famous painting of martian go under a hammer during a side of these options and it's speculation l. break all records find more about this on our website www dot. modern city dwellers are all too familiar with constant traffic jams and air pollution rising their stress levels and causing health problems one remote place in the arctic has adopted a different approach to the concept of commuting i'd have thought a boy could travel through the spitzbergen archipelago to discover what the fuss was all about. that's what it really means to put the shoulder to the will contrary to popular opinion huskies don't go on vacation once the snow melts.
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the cars. are. in fact in the world snowden will cd being blocked is a year round phenomenon. where the only means of transportation around archipelago until the mid one nine hundred sixty s. and while by now cars and no one will have replaced them in many parts of the north koreans were going hoskins. way looking for a it's not only more environmentally friendly but also safer we can't always rely on recalls to deal with the cold while dogs will never live. like most of the residents of no race longer beyond robert wasn't born here. he moved in his mid twenty's fleeing big city congestion in hopes of reconnecting with nature he says who king his jeep behind his barking theme and peter mares is the major change in his life plus it gives the dogs fit the story beats they know they
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need the. exercise every day so. yeah when it improves with the. going out training the dogs in my car some two thousand residents along here and beyond is little more than a white place in the road they mean will be any traffic police but the rules of the road and no less strict local authorities have already closed some of the. archipelagos routes to motorised traffic with more restrictions to come. the law being forced behind a partial car ban is very poor think also and every dog lover she like is driving just milking invasive and damaging to the environment if there are nonsmoking areas why shouldn't there be no driving areas here small but both culture in norway and many other places also here in the north. and i think today we are living in big
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homes we need the silent room where we can live all what's around us in our normal days we need to rest our brain as the acapella tries to attract more tourists some suggest that big her restrictions may have a commercial appeal with people around the world reporting increasing traffic critique may be in need of a car free refuge like this russian traveller whom kolosov and muscovite who endures hours long commutes to work says the absence of honking horns made him instantly fall in love with it place the most amazing moment i experience here on soul but it's of course the traffic the lack of traffic even early on january first in moscow you cannot find that if you cross like you see here to ban cars in the favor of dogs it's an absolutely great great idea and this would probably attract more and more tourists down here going to the dogs is obviously not an option for every city but here haski is definitely don't feel like
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a fifth wheel kind of like artsy longer b. and. brings up in a year our time now to call what's happening a world of business marinas here. how in the law considers this here on our t.v. russia's two main bourses my sex and the r.t.s. are putting the finishing touches to their five billion dollar merger the new brand of a combined stock exchange will be presented early next year and the new entity will be sold to the public for an i.p.o. which is so far planned for twenty thirteen and artie's lore and that has all the details for us. there is no new legal or political to the merger between the r.t.s. . exchanges the mergers being approved by the federal monopoly service and it's now on to the technical details which are not you when you're talking about joining
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together and index the trades mostly in equities and currencies and another index that trades mostly into riveted and that a lot of different technical platforms and nineteen person has already been appointed from the banking community and from the brokerage community and now from here until the end of december it's that the legal merger between the two indexes will be completed and also the merger of some of the markets during that time will be testing the systems they'll be synchronizing the industries in terms of and also they hope to create a single technological entry point to boost indices they'll also have to make sure of course that the service they offer is interrupted that there is no loss of quality and also to integrate all those technological details is to have a full set of financial instruments a full package of operations to be one of the exchanges and in the next couple of years to be in the top ten in terms of revenue first priority integration second
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priority to around about two thousand and thirteen obviously the overall goal of this is to make moscow into a global financial center and the c.e.o.'s of the r c s m i six who were here in london on tuesday say this is not the only thing that needs to be done to create a global financial center in moscow but it's certainly a big step in the right direction. the russian ruble continues to achieve against the main currencies and it's reached the lowest level against the u.s. dollar in ten months but. the bank says minimal intervention by essential they could push the ruble back up. oil prices are still very high reserves are still very high the central bank is not spending those reserves so what time markets see that situation they will come to terms with it. is probably has gone too far in terms of. weakness so my sense is that this approach of the central bank
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words limited limit from it's been from may have we. really were you know some always shooting we're giving. giving way. to. take a look at the markets now we'll start with oil prices there are flatness i want after seeing some gains and she say escalating fears of a euro zone crisis are still keeping concerns over the man's life so it's currently trading close to eighty seven dollars per barrel while brant as had one hundred ten dollars and fifty five cents per barrel that's what markets are mixed there as well this hour with investors waiting for the conclusion over today u.s. federal reserve policy meeting european sovereign debt bozo weigh in on sentiments as well exporters are among the main gainers in japan with social point six percent the company said it applies to double its first have dividends and banking stocks are under pressure in hong kong with h.s.b.c.
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doubt a third of a percent. and here the russian markets will start trading in the around two hours time they closed in the black when she was a tracking gains overseas the r.t.s. rose point six percent although my sex went up by almost two percent. from what i've seen much of all since investors are waiting for news from the fed meeting in the us which will be later in the day and anything from the euro zone. everyone is waiting for new measures from bernanke here but still we understand that there is a lack of tools bernanke you can use for supporting sufficient us say the same thing happens. when standard reasons for some people it is not the last negative news from europe looks like mostly investors are sitting in the cash. for more stories you can always had small websites.
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but in the meantime the headlines with. this was a city. of about one hundred ninety thousand people and we had eighty thousand people working. for drug dependent and general.
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general motors is if it's not relationship you it might be your neighbor or somebody you knew it was kind of a family run business you know myself i'm third generation my father was working there and. two three and four generation families are there. understand that. this is about. it is gone. means a work. i think for a long time this notion in america that bigger was better was simply an undisputed fact in the twenty first century smarter. general motors simply became too large for their own good and so many brands they couldn't even keep up with. and who became
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a dinosaur. which was. going to be the future of the weapons grade plutonium is turned into a vital new resource nuclear waste becomes a few will spring leach of the environment and energy outposts among the ends of the earth russian scientists lead the way in making these innovations our reality imagine a future free from fears of nuclear talks or lives the peaceful revolution to comic energy on technology update we've. covered. more news today harlan says once again flared up. and these are the images being from the streets.


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